Sensual Merchandising

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 seconds to arouse the observers’ interest and to convey the advertising message. An innovative idea is not enough, its success is depending on the professional realization.

We are specialized on sensual merchandising (all senses of the customer are addressed) from planning to realizing. We will show you how experience retail is working. For this we are creating innovative and professional marketing concepts, develop precise action plans and train your teams in sensual merchandising.

Trends are changing steadily and are setting the rythm in retail. Every year Antje is writing her Trendkosmos, which is giving an outlook of the whishes, topics, colours, forms und styles of the upcoming year. (German only)

Step by step

Analysis & Counselling

  • POS (Point of Sale) analysis and storecheck
  • Assortment counselling
  • Planning and managing your retail space
  • Checking your teams’ workflow


  • Creation of exciting visual and sensual merchandising concepts
  • Anticipatory planning of trendy concepts in the course of the year
  • New approaches and counselling for upcoming assortment trends

In practice

  • The newly created concepts are brought into your store
  • Restructuring of your retail space with the optimal guidance system
  • Visual & sensual merchandising for your existing assortment of your company

Working with DENDRON akademie could look like this:

We are coming to your place and right there we will start analysing.

Afterwards you will recieve a protocol with concrete advice for further steps.

In close cooperation with you we will create a concept for a specific topic (for example for assortment, seasonal specials or events …). This can reach from space planning, to individual stagings, to path optimization and signpostings – depends on what your retail space needs most.

The planned steps are realized with your team directly in your store. During subsequent practical trainings we will teach your employees how to work on your new concepts. You can find some of our current projects here.

Think in advance. Do today. Grow sustainly.