The best concept is worth nothing if it is not put into practice consequently. We are training your employees directly on your retail space – this is how everybody can learn how to handle the new concepts with the daily obstacles. Written guidlines are important that new concepts are understood and implemented passionately by your employees. Moreover coaching managers is our special experise.

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Floorplan trainings

Most of the reasons for disharmony in space are disarray and disorientation. (Konfuzius 500 A.D.). This old wisdom is more relevant than ever before and is describing the dominant of this trainings series.

  • Basics of retail space layout
  • Planning space – Experiencing space
  • Path network: with an architecht’s mind and a painter’s heart
  • Hotspots & tension: the hot places in space
  • Floor planning: Trendsetter during the year, best places for bestseller and promotions
  • Practicing planning: thinking of the day after tomorrow
  • Freshness max – Maintainance min: More products = More maintainance. The royal way for the best profit.
  • Shopping experience pur: Practical check in garden centers
  • Standards give assurance: Working out guidelines for daily processes

Assortment trainings

Average has everybody! The garden retail has enough uniformed products. A cusomer-oriented guiding of assortments is an important engine for success of the next years. Witch assortment will be the success drivers? How much of innovation is usefull? How am I choosing my assortment during the year, the plants, products of the boutique, the hardware to have a good rotation of products in my space? These topics an questions will be worked on and answered during the assortment trainings.

  • Garden retail 2020: Trends
  • Trend assortment und topics of the future
  • New products, innovations, bestseller
  • Smart Garden
  • Climate Change
  • Wild Life
  • Urban Farming
  • Health

Visual merchandising

Experience retail! But how to get there? How can we stage our store as chanching, emotional wish-worlds, wich are satisfying the customer and stimulating him to buy? During the DENDRON trainings we will answer all the questions about specific planning and the creative staging of wonderful themed worlds. Also, we will work on guidlines which are valuable for the daily bussiness.

  • Different types of customer and their needs: Today and tomorrow
  • Storytelling = Magical diszipine of the future (annual planning of topics, moodboards practice, storyboards practice)
  • Presenting brings money, decorating costs money
  • Basics of best-selling products
  • Practice makes perfect: Topics, script, 1-2-3 in plan, finals and enjoy
  • Guidlines: Rules for sustainable storytelling

Coaching managers

The one who is leading is the on who is intruding. The managers of today and tomorrow are the visionary lighthouses of the discipline. Floor managing, purchasing, business management, team coaching and a lot more. During the coaching we are concentrating on the tpoics: floor, assortment, rotational speed, team, working process. We are mainly coaching directly in the stores so we can make sure to have a practical training.

  • Garden retail today and tomorrow (trends, topics and trend range)
  • Space control during the year (planning floors, table setting)
  • Cross selling management (planning, strategy, daily business)
  • Freshness cycle in garden centers (speed range max, transcription min)
  • Team coaching (labour organization, storecheck, to do lists and more)
  • Visual merchandising: Expert training for managers


Golden Space


Hot Spots Front


Entrance space

Humans first know what they want, when they experience what they want.