The best concept is of no use if it is not consistently implemented in your company. We coach your employees on site so that they can practice directly with their own products under local conditions. Written guidelines are important so that your employees can understand and live the new approach. Practical coaching of managers is also a special expertise of ours. Many of our topics can be booked as in-house live seminars as well as remote learning formats.

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In-house seminars

In our in-house seminars, participants practice and train customer-relevant trading knowledge with a trainer directly in your store.
The trainer moderates and controls the seminar in a dynamic and substantive manner. This allows the participants to practice and work directly on the sales floor and with the materials available. We can tailor in-house seminars to your individual needs.

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Expertise seminars

Individual advice in sales is becoming increasingly important. It sets your company apart from online retailers. Customers are looking for personal technical discussions. In our practical seminars we train customer-important trade knowledge on current gardening topics.


Shop staging/Visual Merchandising

Shopping experience! But how do we implement this? How can we constantly present our store as a changing, emotional world of desire that makes customers happy and stimulates them to shop? In these DENDRON seminars no questions will remain unanswered: From the concrete planning, to the creative staging, to the atmospheric theme world. We will develop guidelines for the sustainability of the planned theme worlds in daily business.



The daily work with the seasonal product plant is an exciting challenge. We coach the employees in the areas of area, product, speed and work processes. The goal is to increase their competence with regard to your products and your customers.

The coaching sessions take place on the field and are thus a training out of practice.


Our e-learning seminars enable independent learning. Participants receive access to an online course with modern technical knowledge for green sales. The participants work through the course in a structured manner on the computer.
Built-in knowledge quizzes and learning videos liven up the e-learning. A download area at the end of the course secures complex knowledge, such as detailed plant portraits.

Please note that the courses are currently only available in German.

Greenlings Basic Course

At present, the Grünlings Basic Course Houseplant is available. It is ideally suited for trainees, career changers and employees with little technical knowledge.

You can already look forward to part 2 and 3 – bedding and balcony and nursery.


Our LERNE IN DER FERNE (learning-from- afar) paper-learning enables independent learning. The participants receive a pdf-file for processing, which contains all learning exercises, tasks and practical projects.
projects. This pdf-document is worked through and completed by the participants on the computer or in paper form.
and filled in on paper.
For electronic processing, computers, laptops or tablets must be available on site. If this is not the case, we will be happy to send you the documents as a print version by mail. The built-in practical exercises are carried out or implemented directly on the sales floor in between.

Please note that the courses are currently only available in German.

Interested? Send us an inquiry by e-mail.

  • Climate garden
  • Nature Garden
  • Urban Gardening
  • Self-sustainable garden
  • Traditional garden


LERNE IN DER FERNE (learning-from-afar) online-live seminars are most similar to in-house seminars. Direct communication is personal and motivating.
Employees from different locations can be brought together efficiently and purposefully for a seminar. All participants are connected live via Microsoft Teams and can take part in the seminar from different locations via video, audio or chat and are guided through theory and practice by a trainer.

Interested? Send us an inquiry via e-mail.


The online-live seminars can be individually tailored to you and your employees. Popular are Greenlings basic courses on houseplants, bedding and balcony or on the topic of climate garden and self-sufficient garden.


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