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What we do: Education

The best concept is of no use if it is not consistently implemented in your company. We coach your employees on site. We divide into coaching, practical seminars and seminars for merchandising. Many of our topics can be booked as in-house live seminars, but also as learn-from-afar seminars. Our educational offer is supplemented by lectures and Antje Verstl’s specialist books.

What we do: Shop staging

Commerce is an experience, not a result. The younger generations in particular value experience over possessions. Classical product decorations are no longer sufficient to win over the generation Y and Z. With the concepts of the DENDRON akademie you address all senses of the customers and make your shop a unique experience. We advise you on your assortment and how to present and stage it in a sales-boosting way. Read more.

Our creative corner: text, graphic design, presentations

Making the familiar new and different in text and graphic design is a trademark of DENDRON akademie. With our team of master nurserymen, horticultural engineers and graphic designers, we combine practical expertise and graphic talent for your individual desired concept of marketing tools.

Our creative corner: books

Antje Verstl has also been writing specialist books on the subject of visual merchandising for many years. Her latest work SANA SINI explains, teaches and inspires on the subject of surface staging and sensual merchandising in retail.

Antje Verstl

Antje Verstl loves trees and her great passion is plants. She is constantly on the lookout for the trends and desires of the future and loves all the knowledge about the properties and uses of green plant treasures.

2378 trees

Our Tree Project
10 000 Trees

Our big heart project is to plant trees and thus support climate protection. The number on the left shows how many trees have already been planted by the DENDRON akademie. And soon the next trees will be planted. Here you can learn more about our partners NABU and the German Dendrological Society (DDG). The planted trees are already 4-6 years old.

The latest blog entry

Next Nature – Das Natur(er)leben der Zukunft

11. April 2024

Der Wandel im Handel wird immer offensichtlicher. Langsam, aber sicher nehmen wir Abschied von Trends, welche Waren in schnellem Wechsel als In oder Out definieren.

An ihre Stelle tritt die Vermittlung von Werten als stärkstes Kauf-Motivation. Hier haben sich in den letzten Jahren 3 Spirits erfolgreich durchgesetzt und den Verkauf neu definiert.

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